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Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university, training engineers, architects and designers. Founded in 1863, POLIMI is one of the most important universities in the world, ranked in the QS World University Ranking 2023 1st in Italy and 139th in the world. POLIMI has always focused on quality and innovation in teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with the business and production world through experimental research and technology transfer. The Politecnico offers courses at all levels: undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate courses, and doctorate. Currently, more than 1,400 professors and researchers work at the Politecnico, and 47,000 students (including 7,000 foreigners) are distributed over 7 different campuses. 


Every year, Politecnico di Milano attracts more than 140 million euros through research contracts and external funding. These self-financing activities account for a large part of its total budget. Specifically, the university ranks first in Italy and eleventh in Europe for projects funded by the European Commission. Under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (2014-2020), 437 projects (including 34 ERCs) were funded for a total of over 189 million euros. Under the new Horizon Europe Programme (2021-2027), 60 projects (including 9 ERCs) have been funded to date for a total of more than €32 million.


The Manufacturing Group of the School of Management (SoM) of Politecnico di Milano is the unit involved in the CLARUS research project.  

The SoM Manufacturing Group of the Politecnico di Milano consists of professors, researchers, PhD students and experts with skills ranging from technical disciplines to managerial experiences. 

The Group works proactively with research and competence centres, industry and policymakers, acting as a link between the market, institutions and the academic world. The goal is to generate and disseminate knowledge on the most relevant issues for companies, with a specific focus on the manufacturing field. 

SoM Manufacturing Group is particularly involved in activities such as: 

  • Advanced Search 
  • European projects 
  • Innovation and technology transfer projects 
  • Collaborations with national and international ecosystems 
  • Business Consultancy 

Looking both at the production processes as a whole and at specific niches such as industry 4.0 and circular economy, the SoM Manufacturing Group creates knowledge through market studies, research, assessment tools, and puts this knowledge at the service of companies to support them in achieving a level of excellence.

Key people in the project 

POLIMI is the CLARUS coordinator bringing its yearly Project Coordination expertise to the project, having a long experience in coordinating successful EU and National research projects and initiatives. The POLIMI team in CLARUS is composed of:   

Gabriella Monteleone, with an MSc in Computer Science, she worked at Laben in the study and application of AI techniques for spacecrafts requiring a high degree of autonomy. Then she joined TXT e-Solutions to work on Knowledge-Based DSS and Intelligent Database Systems. She was responsible at TXT Labs for the coordination of EU and National funded research projects in the area of Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management and Semantic Web applications.  At Piksel she had the responsibility of the EU research coordination and then she played a leading role in supporting the innovation and technology strategy of FacilityLive, a high-tech scaleup developing a cloud platform for the information management using a patented semantic search engine. Now she is Research Coordinator at the Manufacturing Group of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of Politecnico di Milano in the area of AI for Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing. She is the Project Manager of the CLARUS research project 

Roberto Rocca, is a PhD researcher of the Manufacturing Group of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of Politecnico di Milano, where he has been collaborating since 2017. The research fields he deals with concern the paradigm of Sustainable Manufacturing, the methodologies for assessing environmental sustainability performance of Manufacturing Systems, the Circular Economy paradigm and I4.0 technologies to support sustainability in manufacturing sectors. The topic on which he is conducting his PhD concerns the design of industrial architectures for monitoring and optimizing resource consumption in the cosmetics industry. The main activities in which he is involved are: (i) university education; (ii) training in enterprises; (iii) European research projects on sustainability and digitalisation; (iv) consultancy projects on sustainability topics. He is the Technical Manager of the CLARUS research project 


Stefano Riga, is a Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Management Engineering with a focus on industrial management. In his research activities, he focuses on the environmental sustainability of the manufacturing sector, and how Industry 4.0 technologies can foster its development. In the CLARUS project, he provides support for coordination and research activities that deal with the Green Deal Performance Assessment methodology and the Green Deal Index (GDI). 



Contributions – What we will provide 

We want to contribute to the CLARUS project by bringing POLIMI’s experience and knowledge in the coordination of European projects, contributing to research activities about: 


  • The development of data-driven methodology models/metrics for environmental sustainability assessment, efficiency, and manufacturing digital adoption (i.e. Green Deal Performance Assessment methodology). 
  • Optimization/minimization of production resources, waste stream, and energy consumption within the CLARUS pilots. 
  • The construction of a Roadmap of AI-based environmental sustainability improvement for food companies. 


Expectations – What we expect to get 

Our ambition is to achieve through CLARUS the exploitation of the resulting benefits of the Green Deal Performance Assessment methodology and of the Green Deal Index (GDI) that will be developed to improve our researcher’s knowledge and skills, consultancy services, to develop new possible educational and training courses in the topics of the CLARUS project, enhance the knowledge and influence of Italian and European University Community.