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Optimizing Production and Logistic Resources in the Time-critical Bio Production Industries in Europe

There is the need to guide the sector towards a Green Transition by improving the environmental and social sustainability of its activities, products and processes, leveraging also on Digital Transition.

With CLARUS AI Solutions the Future Looks Clearer.

CLARUS enables AI-based energy and material resource consumption assessment, traceability, and optimization for food industry processes. Our platform integrates advanced communications, data processing capabilities, AI, as well as standardized open protocols to achieve higher levels of sustainability in the critical bio production sector.

What CLARUS offer

The CLARUS project will provide three Tangibles Expected Expected Outcomes (TEOs):

CLARUS Green Deal Index

methods, tools and data used to calculate the Green Deal Index (GDI).

CLARUS Data Space

FAIR data models and Industrial Data Platforms tools together with a Data Space for open innovation.


AI models and training data sets to optimize production and logistic processes in the time critical bio production sector.


CLARUS is strictly connected with the European Green Deal program to develop and define a unique quantitative and standard methodology to support the elaboration of a green-friendly food industry structure and culture, that can generate business in a sustainable way and with a much smaller impact on the environment.

CLARUS ambitions try not only to contribute to resource and logistic optimization methods with the two pilots’ solutions but aims to generate a more general contribution with the creation of a Green Deal Index (GDI). 


New knowledge and experience in Green Deal impact assessment.


Clear impacts towards Green Deal resulting in overall wellbeing .


Energy and material resource optimization in the critical bio production sector .


5-year expectations

Use Causes

Applications in Primary Food Processing and Food By-Product Processing

Primary Food processing

Ardo Benimodo hosts the primary food processing use cases in the plant located in Benimodo, in sunny Valencia. The main objectives are Energy and material resource optimization.

Food by-product Processing

Honkajoki hosts the food by-product use cases in the plant located in the beautiful Kankaanpää region. The focus is resource efficiency and product quality through optimization of both internal and external logistics processes.